Physiologie du risque face à l’Histoire, or, Health, Culture and Society: The possibilities of anthropology and policy

Bernard Jouanjean


This review of published research (Health, Culture and Society – Rawat Publications, India, 2000) seeks to introduce the reader to the driving themes of a work establishing the link between human physiological functions and social represetations. In doing so the author articulates the topic of prevention within a broad and complex social, historical and anthropological framework.


Physiology; Anthropology; System building

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Jouanjean, B. Physiologie du risque face à l’Histoire, Coll. Ethique § Pratiques Médicales, Paris, L’Harmattan, 2009.

Jouanjean, B. Health, Culture and Society, A Comparative Analysis of French, Chinese and Indian Society, Rawat Publications, 2011.



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