The Health System Dynamics Framework: The introduction of an analytical model for health system analysis and its application to two case-studies

J van Olmen, B Criel, U Bhojani, B Marchal, S van Belle, M F Chenge, T Hoerée, M Pirard, W Van Damme, G Kegels


Frameworks can clarify concepts and improve understanding of underlying mechanisms in the domain of health systems research and strengthening. Many existing frameworks have a limited capacity to analyze interactions and equilibriums within a health system overlooking values as an underlying steering mechanism. This paper introduces the health system dynamics framework and demonstrates its application as a tool for analysis and modelling.

The added value of this framework is: 1) consideration of different levels of a health system and tracing how interventions or events at one level influence other elements and other levels; 2) emphasizes the importance of values; 3) a central axis linking governance, human resources, service delivery and population, and 4) taking into account the key elements of complexity in analysis and strategy development. We urge  the analysis of individual health systems and meta-analysis, for a better understanding of their functioning and strengthening.


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