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Ibarra, Roberto A., University of New Mexico (United States)
Istvandity, L., Griffith University (Australia)


Jahja, Riawati, DUKE-NUS Graduate Medical School, National University of Singapore
Jaswal, N., School of Public Health (India)
Jha, A N, Birla Institute of Technology, Lalpur Campus, Ranchi (India)
Johnson, L. P., The University of Missouri (United States)
Jouanjean, B, College de France Groupe de Télécommunication (SFR) Council of the European Development Bank (France)
Jouanjean, Bernard, College de France (France)


Kabel, A M, University of Missouri's School of Health Professions (United States)
Kabel, A M., University of Missouri (United States)
Kamp, M., The University of Wyoming (United States)
Kanungo, K, Jamia Hamdard University (India)
Karamehic-Muratovic, A., University of Kentucky, Department of Anthropology and Sociology (United States)
Katyal, A., ACCESS Health International, Inc., New York, United States of America (United States)
Kaur, G., Centre for Research in Rural and Industrial Development (India)
Kegels, G, Institute of Tropical Medicine (Belgium)
Keller, C., Arizona State University (United States)
Khan, H, Jamia Hamdard University (India)
Kingfisher, C., University of Lethbridge (Canada)
Krumeich, A, Maastricht University, Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences (Netherlands)


Lakhani, A., Griffith University
Lamaison Marqui, H., Guyane Promo Santé - IREPS French Guiana (NGO) (French Guiana)
Langdon, E J, Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC) (Brazil)
Lê, Q., Dr Quynh Lê’s current research interest deals with the social determinants of health, food security and intercultural aspects of health in Australia. With an emerging interest in population health, her research focuses on food security, migrants’ w (Australia)
Lefèvre, G., Independent Researcher (France)

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