Vol 5, No 1 (2013)

Translating Happiness: Medicine, Culture and Social Progress

Table of Contents

Editorial Introduction PDF
K. Aubrecht i-xiii
Encounters with Translations of Happiness PDF
T. Titchkosky xiv-xviii


Happiness and the Art of Life: Diagnosing the psychopolitics of wellbeing PDF
M. Greco, P. Stenner 1-19
Against Flourishing: Wellbeing as biopolitics, and the psychoanalytic alternative PDF
C. Wright 20-35
Psychocapital and Shangri-Las: How happiness became both a means and end to governmentality PDF
F. Mckay 36-50
Happiness, Sadness and Government PDF
G. Duncan 51-66
Happiness: Notes on History, Culture and Governance PDF
C. Kingfisher 67-82
Work, Health, Music: The enduring Rusyn model of a good life amid changing socioeconomic contexts of progress PDF
K. M. Cantin 83-98
Contested Histories and Happiness: Leprosy literature in Japan PDF
K. M. Tanaka 99-118
Learning the Scripts: An exploration of the shared ways in which young Lao volunteers in Vientiane understand happiness. PDF
C. McMellon 119-134
The Neoliberal Circulation of Affects: Happiness, accessibility and the capacitation of disability as wheelchair PDF
K. Fritsch 135-149
Staying Positive: Women's illness narratives and the stigmatized vernacular PDF
S. Bock 150-166
As If You Have a Choice: Autism mothers and the remaking of the human PDF
P. N. Douglas 167-181
Cultivating a Troubled Consciousness: Compulsory sound-mindedness and complicity in oppression PDF
C. Chapman 182-198
Research/Advocacy/Community: Reflections on Asian American trauma, heteropatriarchal betrayal, and trans/gender-variant health disparities research PDF
S. J. Hwahng 199-229
Alterity In/Of Happiness: Reflecting on the radical possibilities of unruly bodies PDF
E. Chandler, C. Rice 230-248
From Comparison to Indices: A disabling perspective on the history of happiness PDF
Y. Söderfeldt, P. Verstraete 249-264
Chronic Illness as a Source of Happiness: Paradox or perfectly normal? PDF
S. Hoppe 265-278
The Pursuit of Happiness, Stress and Temporomandibular Disorders PDF
D. Marcus, E. Baehrisch 279-293
Who is Teaching Us about Sustainable Happiness and Well-Being? PDF
C O'Brien 294-307
Understanding Well-Being in Multi-Levels: A review PDF
E. C. W. Ng, A. T. Fisher 308-323

Invited Articles

What to Do When there is Nothing to Do: The psychotherapeutic value of Meaning Therapy in the treatment of late life depression PDF
J. H. Morgan 324-330